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Wait list Deposit

In order to be placed on the wait list, you must submit both the Kitten Application and the Deposit Agreement then provide us with the required deposit. (please read our Pricing page). No one may be placed on the wait list without providing these three things. If your application is not approved we will return your deposit in full within 24 hours.

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A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to be added onto the waiting list for a pet quality kitten and will be applied to the final price of your kitten minus a PayPal fee (3.5% plus transaction fee of 0.44c). If you would like to avoid the fees, send payment as friends and family vial Venmo only. If you send payment As Good and Services using our email  for Vernmo and PayPal charges 3.5% plus transaction fee of 0.44c or QR Code PayPal charges 1.9% plus 0.10c fee. A non-refundable deposit of $1000 and PayPal fee (3.5% plus transaction fee of 0.44c ) is required for show & breeder quality cats. All fees are responsibility of the Buyer. if you prefer to avoid electronic fees than send Payment via Friends and Family, do not mark for Goods or Services. We accept deposits by cash in person, check, Zelle, Venmo or PayPal to (Friends and family only or with a added PayPal fee). Please add the name that was used for your APPROVED Kitten application and your preference for color, generation and sex in the payment note. The waiting list deposit secures your place in line for a kitten and gives an early pick from the kittens we make available. 


Please note that buyers with deposits submitted and added to the waiting list are not required to purchase a kitten from the next available litter - we are more than happy to wait for your kitten that best suits your preference, no matter how long that takes. Kittens are placed in the order by which the deposit was received to the waiting list.

We may hold back up to 25% of our kittens for breeding purposes. Most of these kittens are females. Once kittens are born we will hold some of them under evaluation until 6-8  week of age for potential breeding quality and then offered to out pet waiting list. If we owe a person a replacement kitten, we reserve the right to provide that replacement ahead of those on Waiting list.

Kittens will be offered to the pet wait list at the sole discretion of Vengalicat. Some kittens may be held back for further evaluation if they appear to be developing in a way that makes them desirable to keep for breeding purposes. Vengalicat has the discretion to decide which kittens will be offered to the pet wait list and which ones will be offered to the breeders list or kept in the cattery



Click on PDF file to view Deposit agreement. After completion it can be emailed to


Active Pet Wait List

Page updated 07/17/24

1. Amy B. - SBT Snow female, possibly brown
2. Erik K - SBT Snow Lynx Female
3. Gail L. - SBT FEMALE Brown, Silver or Charcoal
4. Heather  S. - SBT Female Silver/Smoke


ON Hold / inactive Pet List

1. Tina L. - brown Male
2. Ryan P. - Snow / Silver female, considering males
3. Broke E. - Brown Male SBT
4. Rosa L. - Silver Female
5. Lynzy L.- EG/SBT brown/silver male
6. Heather H. - Brown/Silver Male or Female
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