The Pet prices of our Bengal cats and kittens vary according to the generation, gender, color, markings and quality in regards to the standards of the breed.

Types of Bengal cats we can produce in our Cattery:

  • Brown Bengals

  • Snow Bengals

  • Silver Bengals

  • Charcoal Bengals

  • Smoke/Melanistic Bengals

  • Cashmere Bengals

  • Marble Bengals

  • Spotted Bengals

Each kitten will be priced individually based on the standard of the breed and color. These prices can fluctuate up to a few hundred dollars in either direction depending on the quality of the kitten. As well as the price of 2G-4G kittens will be more comparing to the SBT/5G kitten. A 2G-4G generation pet kitten price starts at $3000 and can go up to $4500 but for 5G-10G price starts at $2200 and up to $3000.*(prices are subject to change)
Top quality Pet Price: $2400 to 4500* - Pet kitten for a family or a person that may not have all of the qualification for a show kitten. (Kitten application)
Top quality Show Pet Price: $2600 to 5000* - Kitten with outstanding markings and meets the high standards for the Bengal breed. Has potential to compete in shows.
Breeding/Show Kittens: $3500 to $6000* - Kitten with breeding rights and the potential to compete in shows. (to approved registered catteries only, please fill out our Breeder Questionnaire)
  • * Washington Sales tax is included in final price (for each kitten on Current kittens page)
SBT Brown Kittens - $2400 to $2800 + WA tax included
Brown Spotted/ Marble
Brown Charcoal or Solid (Melanistic)

SBT Silver Kittens - $2700 to $3300 + WA tax included
Silver Spotted/Marble 
Silver Charcoal or Silver Smoke (melanistic)
Silver Snow

SBT Snow Kittens - $2700 to $3300 + WA tax included
Snow Spotted/Marble
Snow Seal Lynx, Mink or Sepia

*EG (Early generation 2G-4G kittens) prices will be different ranging $3000-$4500, Prices can change and fluctuate.

  • Prices above can fluctuate and change. Prices above do not include shipping costs or shipping expenses.

  • All prices are in United States dollars. (USD)

  • Kittens are held under breeder evaluation until 6-8 weeks of age and are then offered as pets or breeders depending on their evaluation. Kittens will be evaluated around 6-8 weeks of age before giving a preliminary price range. This allows us time to evaluate them for quality and health.

  • The Final price will be negotiated on an individual basis with each person. These price ranges are estimates only - the price may be higher or lower in the shown range, depending on each kitten's evaluation at 6-8 weeks.

  • We offer a discount when kittens are adopted in pairs ( like 10% off on a second kitten), or 10% discount on your second kitten if you choose to adopt one later.

All kitten prices include the following:

  • TICA Purebreed Registration Papers

  • Examination by a professional veterinarian (1 year Health Guarantee)

  • Microchip

  • 2 sets of Vaccine (records) 

  • Deworming

  • Flea treatment

  • Spay/neuter

  • Sample of raw food

  • Selection of toys

Purchase information 

  • A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to be added onto the waiting list for a pet quality kitten. A non-refundable deposit of $1000 is required for show & breeder quality cats (see below for discussion of our current policy regarding selling breeding cats). We accept deposits by cash, check, Zelle, Venmo or PayPal. The waiting list deposit secures your place in line for a kitten and gives you an early pick from the kittens we have available.

  • Once a kitten becomes available for the waiting list, a buyer must resound within a 48 hour window from the time we send out an email of acceptance. Otherwise we will move to the next person on our waiting list.

  • Deposits are non-refundable. non-transferable, unless the agreed upon kitten becomes unfit for sale, then the deposit can be put towards another kitten of similar quality. This helps us limit our relationships to seriously interested buyers only. Please note that buyers with deposits submitted and added to the waiting list are not required to purchase a kitten from the next available litter - we are more than happy to wait for your kitten that best suits your preference, no matter how long that takes. Kittens are placed in the order by which the deposit was received to the waiting list.

  • First a non-refundable deposit saves your place on the waiting list and applies to the total cost of the kitten. The second installment payment is due when you choose and commit to your kitten at 6-8 weeks. At 10 weeks, the balance of what we have priced your kitten at is due. The balance of the purchase price of the kitten and shipping cost (if applicable) is due in full by the time the kitten is 10 weeks old, so that we can arrange travel if necessary. Or the final payment with cash is due at 12 weeks / 1 week before your kitten leaves our Cattery ( 2 weeks before shipping if paying by Venmo or PayPal friends and family) For International shipping Final payments is due by 3 months of age (12 weeks old ).

  • If kitten is picked up from our cattery the remaining balance will be due at the time of pick up with cash.

  • Kittens are kept until at least 12 weeks of age. This ensures that the buyer is getting a well-socialized, well-adjusted kitten. By this time, they are eating well on their own, using the letterbox, have had a health examination, vaccinations  and de worming/flea medication treatment.

  • Declawing and or de-meowing of your cat is NOT permitted under any circumstance

  • Is the Buyers responsibility to check city, state and country regulations and/or laws for owning Bengal breed cats. All sales are final and no monetary refunds.

  • Kittens MUST be kept indoors at all times unless contained in a secure cage or on a harness and leash.

  • Should the buyer not be able to keep the cat/kitten at any point in time, the cat/kitten will have to be returned to Vengalicat Bengals cattery. The buyer does not have permission to sell or give the cat/kitten away before reaching out to Vengalicat for approval.

  • There will be no cash refunds; all deposit and payment fees are non-refundable

  • If the Breeder should go out of business or otherwise cease to breed Bengal cats, all guarantees in this contract shall become null and void. The remainder of the contract shall remain in force.

Health Guarantee

 ** Please read the Purchase Contract for full details **
  • Breeder guarantees this cat to be free of any congenital diseases and in good general health at the time of the sale. Breeder does not guarantee that the cat does not have any illness unknown to the Breeder at the time of sale. (This Health guarantee does not cover curable conditions)

  • Health is guaranteed for a period of 72 hours from the time the cat leaves the possession of the Breeder. In order for the one year health guarantee to be in effect, the Buyer must examine the cat within the 72 hour window with a licensed and registered veterinarian at the Buyers Expense. The Buyer must provide the official documentation of the cat exam. A Written and dated letter from the veterinarian will be required. Failure to follow these steps completely, will cause the Buyer to waive any and all rights to a replacement cat. If the Buyer is not able to examine the cat with a professional licensed veterinarian, in the 72 hour window the cat health guarantee is nullified.

  • It is the Buyers responsibility to provide immediate veterinary care to this cat if the cat shows any signs of illness or distress. Failure to do so will render any guarantee null and void.

  • The cat is guaranteed against hereditary defects up to one year of age of the cat. If a hereditary defect is to appear within this time frame, the Buyer must take the cat to a certified veterinarian and it must be documented. Upon proof to the Seller with documentation for the cat, the Seller will replace, one time only this cat with a comparable cat at equal value at the Sellers first opportunity. All shipping expenses from the date of sale is the responsibility of the Buyer.

  • Should the cat die within one year of age as a result of a fatal congenital defect (unknown at time of sale), this cat will be replaced one time only if a complete necropsy is performed by a licensed pathologist and a certificate is provided showing proof of cause of death. A replacement cat of comparable quality and value, when available, will be given at the discretion of the Breeder. There are no monetary refunds. Buyer is responsible for shipping expenses.

  • This cat is not guaranteed against cosmetic faults. For example, but not limited to tail fault, locket or color change and or appearance. A cosmetic fault does not mean that this cat is experiencing health issues.

  • Neglect or abuse will void this guarantee. If this cat is found to be neglected or mistreated, Purchaser will surrender this cat to the Seller at no cost to seller.

  • It Is the Buyers responsibility to check city, state and country regulations and/or laws for owning Bengal cats. All sales are final and no monetary refunds shall be given.

  • Kitten is "Available" until someone places a non-refundable deposit to "Reserve" a kitten.  Once deposit is placed kitten will be marked as Reserved and no longer available.

  • We may hold back up to 25% of our kittens for breeding purposes. Most of these kittens are females. Once kittens are born we will hold some of them under evaluation until 6-8  week of age for potential breeding quality and then offered to out pet waiting list. If we owe a person a replacement kitten, we reserve the right to provide that replacement ahead of those on Waiting list.

  • Seller "reserves the right" to refuse the sale of any cat/kitten at any given time until cat/kitten has been placed in their new home. If sale is refused, then any money paid on this cat/kitten will be returned and this contract will be null and void.

  • Vengalicat Bengals reserve the right to change our mind regarding the sale of any of the kittens at any time and keep a kitten for our own breeding program that has a deposit and down payment on it. In these circumstances you can either wait for another kitten or have your down payment refunded. If at any time during the purchase process we feel that circumstances have changed and the prospective buyer is not a fit for one of our kittens, we have the option of cancelling the sale and returning any money paid including the deposit.

  • Vengalicat Bengals are the sole property of Vengalicat until the cat is in possession of the buyer.

  • Shipping cost is not included in the purchase price and requires a separate fee .

  • Shipping cost will fluctuate depending of state and country where kitten is being shipped too.