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Purchase Information

Learn more about how to adopt your own Bengal.

Adoption Process

  • Our cats and kittens are registered with TICA (The international Cat Association)

  • We sell top quality purebred Bengals, personally selected out of the best bloodlines and from the champion pedigrees to meet and exceed the criteria for the Bengal breed.

  • Our cats/kittens will come with a Health guarantee that guarantees against hereditary defects up to one year of the cat's age.  

  • Our Studs and Queens are tested for PK Deficiency, PRA-b, and HCM. 

  • We are members of TICA's Breeding Program.

  • We show our cats in TICA shows nationwide.

  • We feed our cats/kittens with a high quality of Raw foods diet.

  • If you are interested in selecting an available Bengal kitten or joining our Waiting List to select a future Bengal kitten, then please fill out a Kitten Application form.

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