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Cat Wheel

If you are considering purchasing an exercise wheel for your Bengal cat, here is our recommendations:
We recommend the Ferris Cat Wheel.

Ferris Cat Wheel is a fabulous exercise wheel. The wheel provides safe indoor exercise, fun and mental stimulation for indoor cats, especially the more energetic breeds like Bengals.

Bengal cats need of ability to burn the energy trough the day and be happier. The Exercise wheel promotes proper daily exercise to keep your cat in shape. Also it helps throughout the day to keep your kitten busy from boredom resulting in less behavioral issues.


Having a cat wheel in your home is the most convenient and dependable way to offer your cat a method in which to regulate its own energy needs, stay in shape and provide entertainment through the day while you are away.


  • Click HERE to order your Ferris Cat Wheel through us.

If you are adopting a kitten from Vengalicat then your kitten will be used to playing and running in our Cattery wheel, so in preparation for bringing your kitten(s) home, you may want to look at getting one.

Keep your Bengal cat active and happy with a Ferris Cat Wheel.


  • Intelligent wheel design features place the emphasis on what counts most:  your cat's safety and stability

  • Strong and durable wheel made with superior quality ABS plastic - reinforced with bolt assemblies (Yes, It is really easy to assemble!)

  • Surfaces are easy to clean, making this wheel suitable for homes, breeders, shelters and rescue centers

  • Sturdy wheel base for safety and stability along with an improved wheel track work together for better wheel performance

  • Easy to assemble - just follow along with our "how to assemble" videos found at ZiggyDoo on YouTube.




  • Protection for little paws and tails. Skate wheels are safely positioned, tucked into the wheel base legs, out of harm's reach of little paws and tails

  • Protect your cat's spine. A 48 inch INNER wheel diameter allows your cat to move freely without excessive arching of the back, which will protect your cat's spine (smaller wheels will cause spinal strain or stress)

  • Safely walk, run, gallop and play. The 5mm EVA foam tiles that line the 12.25 inch width running track so your cat can move with confidence and comfort.  sturdy wheel base constructed for stability, better wheel movement and performance

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