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Filet Mignon

Raw Food Diet

In our Cattery we feed our Bengal Cats a Raw Food Diet

We usually make our own chicken recipe with meat, organs and bones. We believe a raw food diet provides your cats with the best nutrients and at the same time avoids harmful ingredients that can be found in other cat foods. If you want to follow the recipe we use and recommend, then please go to the link provided below. This is the least expensive and healthiest way to feed your cat with a raw food diet.


Benefits of making your cat’s food: You control what goes into the food, No mystery ingredients, Human-grade meats are used, Less expensive than pre-made foods. 

For reference food for 1 cat:

  1. Dry food - 25 lb bag cost around $30 will last 1 1/2 months = 1 cup $0.60 a day

  2. Can food - Friskies 5 oz = $0.70 can a day or Royal Canin $2.00 can a day

  3. Raw food - 75 lb / $95 feeds 6 months or $1.25 / per 1 lb = 5 oz $0.39 a day 

  • Click Here for the recipe provided by Feline Nutrition Foundation.

The other option for providing your cat with the raw food diet is to buy it pre-made.

This food is nutritionally balanced and is a great alternative from making the food yourself.

Raw Chicken Food recipe we use.

In our Cattery we use One Page Guide: Easy Recipe for Success.

clink on the  underlined words to go to the link.

Making your own ground raw diet at home gives you the most control over what goes into your cat’s food, allowing you to select the meats and supplements you use. It is also the most economical way to feed a raw diet. It takes a bit of your time and some miscellaneous equipment is also needed, but it’s worth it.

Get set up: You’ll need a few things to get started: a grinder capable of handling small bones, a sharp knife, medium and large mixing bowls, plastic or glass freezable containers or resealable plastic freezer bags, ear plugs, gloves, a kitchen scale, a large washable cutting board, and most of all, freezer space.
The recipe: 4.4 pounds of chicken thighs with bone* 7 ounces raw chicken liver 14 ounces raw chicken hearts 4 raw egg yolks 8 fluid ounces of water.

The supplements: 2000 mg Taurine 4000 mg salmon or small fish oil, 200 IU Vitamin E, dry form 200 mg Vitamin B Complex, 1.5 teaspoon Lite Iodized salt, 4 teaspoons Psyllium husk powder (optional). Or You can use a supplement Pre-mix. Be sure the mix you use is specifically intended for use with ground raw meat with bones.

Putting it all together. *Remove the skin from half of the chicken thighs and the bones from 20 to 25% of the chickens. * After this make sure to weigh your food you re preparing. Cut up and reserve some of the meat to add as chunks later. If you can’t get hearts, then substitute more chicken meat and add an additional 4000 mg of taurine. Open the supplement capsules (except from the fish oil). Put this into a bowl. Add the egg yolks and water and mix. Grind the meat with bones, livers and hearts, adding them alternately along with the whole fish oil capsules. When it is all grounded, add the egg mixture and the chunks and mix again. The last step is to portion out the mixture into containers or bags and freeze them immediately.*If you making a large portion for instance of 50 lb chicken you can use 10lb of boneless chicken thighs or chicken breast and remove skin from the other 15lb. 

Supplies We use - clink on the  underlined words to go to the link.


Supplements and other items Can be Purchased in any Drug  stores like: Costco, Walgreens or Fred Meyer's. As well as Online on Amazon

Raw food Companies and Vitamin Supply we recommend:

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