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F1 Cypress Retired


· Name: F1 SignatureKats Cypress Of Vengalicat

· Sex : Female

· Color : Brown Spotted

· Date of birth :  6/10/2020

· Parents : F2 Signaturekats Diamond Diva x ALC Move Like Jagger Of Babbling

· Eyes color : Green

· Date that the cat will be ready for New Home : Now

· Diet : Raw food diet

· Litter trained : Yes

· Neutered/Spayed : Yes

· Other : Vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped

· Personality: F1 Cypress is a hybrid bengal cat. She has 65% wild genetic traits. She  has 2 asian leopard cats in her pedigree, father and grandfather.  Cypress was a very expensive cat, purchased from another Cattery for  breeding and she was not socialized well at a young age. She is shy  around humans and doesn't like physical touch. She doesn't like to be  approached in any way. She is feral. She will need more one-on-one  attention and a house with possibly a separate room and outdoor Catio.  She only has one bad habit of sometimes chewing on wood cat trees, other  than that nothing else. She is litter box trained. She likes to play  with toys and wands. She is in a healthy state without any concerns as  far as known. She was retired due to her feral personality which was  making it very hard for us to raise her kittens and they constantly  needed to be pulled away early due to her behaving negatively towards  humans. She was a great mother, just very protective. She will be spayed  and up to date on vaccines. Cypress will only be allowed to go to a  house with a backyard, NO apartments. As mentioned above she will need  an outdoor Catio/enclosure. Preferably adults only home or with older children. She will need to live as an only cat but she can happily live with a male cat or non dominant female. There is a possibility that  after being spayed she can open up with some time and be more open to humans but it is not guaranteed.


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