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2G Red Boy


· Name: 2G Red Boy

· Sex : Male

· Color : Charocal Spotted

· Date of birth : 02/17/2024

· Parents : F1 Cypress x Compass

· Eyes color : Green/Gold

· Date that the kitten will be ready : by 13 weeks of age

· Diet : Raw food diet

· Litter trained : Yes

· Neutered/Spayed : Yes

· Other : Vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped. Up to date.

· Personality:  These 2G kittens are very rare and one of a kind. Their mother Cypress  has 2 Asian leopard cats in her pedigree: 1 is father and other is  grandfather, which make her about 65% wild genetics, kittens are 25-45%.  Kittens have been raised with our domesticated Queen Nala, she has  amazing personality and they will have great personalities. This is our  last 2G litter from their mom Cypress, she has now been retired.

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