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Vengalicat Cattery is located in the Greater Seattle area of Washington State. Our cattery is TICA registered and follows the Code of Ethics. At Vengalicat Bengals we strive to produce stunning, healthy and friendly cats. Specifically, we breed Bengals for great temperaments, vivid patterns and wild looks. We produce Purebred Bengal kittens with different variety of colors, patters, rosettes as well as early generation 2G – 3G and SBT Bengals (4G- later generation SBT). We genetically test all our breeding Bengal cats for PK- Deficiency and PRA- B. Screening is also done for HCM.  

We raise our kittens in our residence with lots of love and attention. Kittens produced in our cattery come with a Health Guarantee.

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Happiness is having a cat as a friend and hearing  the sound of your cat purring because she is happy!

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