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Vengalicat Cattery is located in the Greater Seattle area of Washington State. Our cattery is TICA registered and follows the Code of Ethics. At Vengalicat Bengals we strive to produce stunning, healthy and friendly cats. Specifically, we breed Bengals for great temperaments, vivid patterns and wild looks. We produce Purebred Bengal kittens with different variety of colors, patterns, rosettes as well as early generation 2G – 3G and SBT Bengals (4G- later generation SBT). We genetically test all our breeding Bengal cats for PK- Deficiency and PRA- B. Screening is also done for HCM.

We raise our Vengalicat Bengal kittens in our residence with lots of love and attention. Kittens produced in our cattery come well socialized with great personalities.

Meet our Beautiful Studs, Queens and Kittens


Happiness is having a cat as a friend and hearing  the sound of your cat purring because she is happy!


We are thrilled that many families are able to enjoy our Bengal kittens and Cats. We pleased to receive constant feedback from buyers. Here are some testimonials from families and breeders who have bought one, two or even three cats from Vengalicat Bengals and left us a review on Google & Facebook. as well as personal messages.

Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 21-32-28 Vengalicat Bengal Cattery (_vengalicat_bengals) • Instag

I got 2 lifetime companions Saffron and Giselle from Vengalicat, Katie exceeded my expectations & made my experience memorable. She cares for each cat deeply & has their best interest in mind.

Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 21-36-43 Vengalicat Bengal Cattery (_vengalicat_bengals) • Instag

Thank you Cattery Vengalicat. The kittens are perfectly socialized, have a great character and grow up in a family environment. Arranging air transport to Europe went smoothly. I recommend this Cattery.

Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 21-36-19 Vengalicat Bengal Cattery (_vengalicat_bengals) • Instag

Love my cat! Best personality ever! Great with kids and my Boston Terrier! People are great to work with and I still stay in contact and send photos so I can share what a great cat Cleo is!


Best kitties ever. I have 2 Bengal kittens (orange boy & silver girl) from Vengalicat Bengals. They are close in age and just the best of friends. Both kittens are sociable and well adjusted. They get along with the rest of the family which includes other cats and 2 dogs.

  • Where is Vengalicat Bengals Cattery Located?
    We have two locations. Our main location is in Kent, Washington USA while our secondary location is in Everett, Washington USA.
  • What is your price range for your Bengal kittens?
    Our prices range from $2,500 to $5,000 depending on the generation, quality, pattern and color of the Bengal kitten. Shipping costs are not included in the kitten’s price. * We are required by the State of Washington to collect sales tax on all kittens sold.
  • Is Vengalicat Bengal has a legal business in a state of WA and TICA registered.
    Vengalicat Bengals LLC is a legal entity in the Sate of Washington. We are TICA registered Cattery: Vengalicat.
  • Refund Policy
    All payments and deposit fees are non-refundable or non-transferable.
  • Can a person buy kittens from a different state or country?
    Yes, Kittens can be purchased out of state and country. The are a couple ways of how you may get a kitten from our Cattery, kittens can be picked up in person or transportation can be ranged.
  • Health Guarantee
    The breeder certifies that the cat has been examined by a licensed veterinarian and warrants that there are no known genetic defects or health issues. The breeder guarantees this cat to be free of any congenital diseases and in good general health at the time of the sale. Breeder does not guarantee that the cat does not have any illness unknown to the Breeder at the time of sale. (This Health guarantee does not cover curable conditions) Health is guaranteed for a period of 72 business hours from the time the cat leaves the possession of the Breeder. In order for the one-year health guarantee to be in effect, the Buyer must examine the cat within the 72-business hour window with a licensed and registered veterinarian. The Buyer must provide the official documentation of the cat exam. A Written and dated letter or other reasonable documentation from the veterinarian will be required. Failure to follow these steps completely will cause the Buyer to waive all rights to a replacement cat. If the Buyer is not able to examine the cat with a professional licensed veterinarian, in the 72-hours window the cat health guarantee is nullified. It is the Buyers responsibility to provide immediate veterinary care to this cat if the cat shows any signs of illness or distress. Failure to do so will render any guarantee null and void. By signing contract, the Buyer agrees to give permission to the Breeder to request any documentation from the veterinarians. All Veterinary fees are the sole responsibility of the Buyer. The cat is guaranteed against hereditary defects up to one year of the cat's age from its birthday. If a hereditary defect is to appear within this time frame, the Buyer must take the cat to a certified veterinarian, and it must be documented. Upon proof to the Breeder with documentation for the cat, the Breeder will replace this cat one time ONLY with a comparable cat of equal quality and value at the Breeder's first opportunity. All shipping expenses from the date of sale are the responsibility of the Buyer. If the cat is returned to the Breeder, the cat will be re-tested. All vet bills are the sole responsibility of the Buyer. The Breeder is not responsible for any bills or charges incurred on this cat that is returned to Breeder. Should the cat/kitten die within one year of age as a result of inherited genetic disease (unknown at time of sale), this cat will be replaced one time only if a complete necropsy is performed by a licensed pathologist and a certificate is provided showing proof of cause of death. A replacement kitten of comparable quality one time only of equal or laser value, when available, will be given at the discretion of the Breeder. No price difference(s) will be refunded or applied to kitten shipping or toward another kitten. All shipping costs and medical costs are the responsibility of the Purchaser. No monetary refunds, discounts or credits will be given. This cat is not guaranteed against cosmetic faults. For example, but not limited to tail fault, locket or color change and or appearance. A cosmetic fault does not mean that this cat is experiencing health issues. We do not recommend the FIP, FeLV or FIV vaccines. If the buyer gives the kitten/cat those vaccines, the health guarantee will be null and void. Vengalicat Bengals cats are FIV and FeLV negative. Neglect or abuse will void this guarantee. If this cat is found to be neglected or mistreated, Purchaser will surrender this cat to the Seller at no cost to seller. Should the Buyer not be able to keep this animal for any reason, the buyer should contact the breeder. Please note there will be no refund or replacement for the cat. Our goal is continually producing healthy kittens. Please inform us if your cat/kitten develops any health issues. We will try to be as helpful and accommodating as possible. “The seller is not responsible for any injury or illness to other pets caused by exposure to it.” For the safety of the kitten/cat it will need to be separated when it comes into a new home for no less than 1-2 weeks. The kitten/cat must not be able to play with any other animal. This is done in order for the kitten to get used to a new environment, build immunity and bond with a human before bonding with other pets. If you have other pets, we suggest slowly introducing your new kitten to them.
  • More information on our Pricing Policy
    Pricing of each Bengal kitten is determined by the quality of the kitten, color, generation and pattern in accordance with the standard of the breed set by TICA. Pricing is not dependent on a kitten’s gender or personality. Prices can fluctuate and change. Prices do not include shipping costs or shipping expenses. *Note: Purchase Price does not include fees for health certificate, Rabies vaccinations, TICA certified pedigree. All prices are in United States dollars. (USD) Kittens are held under breeder evaluation until 6-8 weeks of age and are then offered as pets or breeders depending on their evaluation. Kittens will be evaluated around 6-8 weeks of age before being given a preliminary price range. This allows us time to evaluate them for quality and health. The Final price will be negotiated on an individual basis with each person. We offer a discount when kittens are adopted in pairs (like 10% off on a second kitten), or 10% discount on your second kitten if you choose to adopt one later.
  • Wait list and Reservation Deposit information
    In order to be placed on the wait list, you must submit both the Kitten application and the Deposit Agreement then provide us with the required deposit. (Please read our Pricing page). No one may be placed on the wait list without providing these three things. If your application is not approved, we will return your deposit in full within 24 hours. A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to be added onto the waiting list for a pet quality kitten and will be applied to the final price of your kitten minus a PayPal fee (3.5% plus transaction fee of 0.44c). If you would like to avoid the fees, send payment as friends and family. If you send payment As Good and Services using our email PayPal charges 3.5% plus transaction fee of 0.44c or QR Code PayPal charges 1.9% plus 0.10c fee. All fees are responsibility of the Buyer. A non-refundable deposit of $1000 and PayPal fee (3.5% plus transaction fee of 0.44c) is required for show & breeder quality cats. We accept deposits by cash, check, Zelle, Venmo or PayPal to (Friend and Family only or with a added PayPal fee). Please add the name that was used for your APPROVED Kitten application and your preference for color, generation and sex in the payment note. The waiting list deposit secures your place in line for a kitten and gives an early pick from the kittens we make available. Please note that buyers with deposits submitted and added to the waiting list are not required to purchase a kitten from the next available litter - we are more than happy to wait for your kitten that best suits your preference, no matter how long that takes. Kittens are placed in the order by which the deposit was received to the waiting list. Once a kitten becomes available for the waiting list, a buyer must resound within a 48-hour window from the time we send out an email of acceptance. Otherwise, we will move to the next person on our waiting list. Reservation Deposits are non-refundable. non-transferable, unless the agreed upon kitten becomes unfit for sale, then the deposit can be put towards another kitten of similar quality. This helps us limit our relationships to seriously interested buyers only. First a non-refundable deposit saves your place on the waiting list and applies to the total cost of the kitten. The second installment payment (reservation deposit) is due when you choose and commit to your kitten at 6-8 weeks or after. . ​ ​
  • More information on Our Payment and Refund Policy
    All monies paid are non-refundable or non-transferable including shipping fees and any money paid beyond the deposit amount toward kitten purchase price or for other related services or supplies. All deposit and payment fees are non-refundable or non-transferable, unless the agreed upon cat becomes unfit for sale due to the cat having health complications, then the deposit can be put towards another cat of similar quality and similar value per discretion of the Breeder. Vengalicat Bengals reserve the right to change our mind regarding the sale of any of the cats at any time prior to the Buyer taking possession of the cats and keep a cat for its own breeding program that has a deposit and down payment on it. In these circumstances a replacement cat will be offered, or a minority refund will be provided. If at any time during the purchase process Breeder feels that circumstances have changed and the prospective Buyer is not a fit for the cat, Breeder reserves the right to refuse the sale of any cat/ kitten at any given time until cat has been placed in their new home. If the sale is refused, then any money paid on this cat will be refunded and this contract will be null and void. The Buyer can return the cat at any time and for any reason to the Breeder; but no refund will be provided. All shipping fees, medical costs and service costs (including but not limited to additional delivery fees) are the responsibility of the Purchaser. *All fees are responsibility of the Buyer Please read this policy carefully before paying a deposit.
  • Re-homing Policy
    “Under no circumstances will this cat/kitten be sold, leased, gifted or given away to any pet/breeder store, animal shelter, research laboratory, breeding mill, or similar facility.” This policy is very important. DO NOT resell or give away your Bengal to any of these facilities. When you adopt a Bengal, you are adopting a forever friend. The Buyer can return the cat at any time and for any reason to the Breeder; (There are many circumstances that can occur where the Buyer is no longer able to take care of the animal, if such is to arise the Buyer must notify the Breeder.) Please note there will be no refund or replacement for the cat.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Requirement
    The cat/kitten will be kept indoors only and won’t be allowed to roam freely outside unless the cat is on a leash and or special enclosure. Bengals should be supervised outside. If this cat is found to be neglected or mistreated, Buyer will surrender this cat to the Breeder at no cost to the Breeder.
  • Declaw or De-meow Policy
    “The Purchaser agrees to never declawed or de-meowed a kitten under any circumstances. All health guarantees are voided. This cattery feels this surgery is very inhumane and does not agree with these practices.”
  • Concerns/Complaints Policy
    The buyer agrees to never post or publish publicly on the internet, or through any other media, any negative information about this cat and/or about the Breeder or Breeders’ possessions of Vengalicat. Buyer agrees to never authorize anyone else to do as told above. The buyer agrees to try and work out a solution in private, and or through other lawful means. Furthermore, if the Breeder sees anything on Buyer’s website or other places on the internet that may have a negative effect on the Breeders reputation, then the Breeder will notify the Buyer to remove such content. The buyer must agree to remove it immediately from the date of notice. “Negative information” includes but is not limited to any health conditions the cat may have or has had, any disputes the Buyer has with the Breeder, or any other negative business or personal information about the Cattery or the Breeder. The buyer agrees that Breeder reserves the right to own the copyright of all information posted by Buyer about Breeder in any/all forms of media. “Purchaser understands that if there are any issues with this kitten, the Seller should be immediately notified in writing by email. Purchaser should make every effort to keep Seller informed of issues and work with the Seller to resolve any issue. Purchaser agrees to abide and not post negative comments in any public forum and/or file credit-card charge-backs or PayPal disputes so long as the Seller stands behind and honors Seller’s obligations under the terms of this contract.”
  • Pet Spay/Neuter vs. Breeder Cat Policy
    “If this cat/kitten is purchased as a pet, it is agreed that the seller will have the kitten altered (sterilized) before the take home date. The kitten will be with the Breeder no less than 12 weeks of age. This ensures that the buyer is getting a well-socialized, well-adjusted kitten. By this time, they are eating well on their own, using the letterbox, have had a health examination, vaccinations and de worming/flea medication treatment. All kittens will be neutered/spayed before leaving Vengalicat Cattery unless they are bought for breeding purposes. If this cat/kitten is sold with the understanding that it will be used for breeding purposes. Seller guarantees that said animal is fertile unless infertility is the result of poor male practices, injury, disease, or infection occurring after purchase.) and will produce at least 2 viable kittens before the age of two years. If the cat is over two years of age and has been unsuccessfully bred three times to at least two different proven studs/queens and a license and registered veterinarian declares the cat is in excellent health but infertile, the Breeder, at the Breeder’s option, shall take back ownership and/or possession of the cat and replace the cat with one of equal value, or refund the difference between the purchase price paid and the Breeder’s average pet price if the cat has been subsequently altered after notification to the Breeder and with the Breeder’s express written consent. The buyer will pay all transportation costs for the return of the cat and replacement of the cat.
  • Shipping and Pick up Policy
    Shipping/transport cost is not included in the purchase price and requires a separate fee. Shipping cost will fluctuate depending of state and country where kitten is being shipped too. If the Buyer plans to pick the kitten in person from our cattery the remaining balance will be due at the time of pick up or before kitten leaves Vengalicat Cattery with cash (Zelle or PayPal) In the case a cat needs to be transported all costs associated with a cat shall be paid no later than 10 weeks of age of the set cat; this includes transport costs so that we can arrange travel when necessary. For International shipping, final payment is due by 12 weeks of age. In case the cat won't be completely paid in full by the time stated above, the sale will be nullified and there will be no monetary refunds provided. If the Buyer refuses to pick up in person, accept shipment or neglects to contact Breeder for shipping arrangements after 30 days beyond the agreed shipping/take home date (unless other arrangements have been made and agreed on in writing by Breeder) Buyer agrees that all deposits and money paid towards cat will be forfeited and the cat will become the sole possession of the Breeder. No money will be refunded, and Breeder has the right to keep or sell the cat to another interested party, and the Buyer agrees to waive all rights of ownership. Shipping cost via Alaska Airlines Cargo as of 04/2023 Cargo Price: $450 Health Certificate / Rabies Vaccine: $100 Kennel: $100 Total: $650 (prices can slightly fluctuate) *Note: Purchase Price does not include fees for health certificate, Rabies vaccinations, TICA certified pedigree, and or shipping costs.
  • Disclaimer
    It Is the Buyers responsibility to check city, state and country regulations and/or laws for owning Bengal cats. All sales are final, and no monetary refunds shall be given. A kitten is "Available" until someone places a non-refundable deposit to "Reserve" a kitten. Once the deposit is placed the kitten will be marked as Reserved and no longer available. Once kittens are reserved and contract is signed Purchases cannot change a mind regarding a sale. We may hold back up to 25% of our kittens for breeding purposes. Most of these kittens are females. Once kittens are born, we will hold some of them under evaluation until 6-8 weeks of age for potential breeding quality and then offered to our pet waiting list. If we owe a person a replacement kitten, we reserve the right to provide that replacement ahead of those on the Waiting list. The seller "reserves the right" to refuse the sale of any cat/kitten at any given time until cat/kitten has been placed in their new home. If sale is refused, then any money paid on this cat/kitten will be returned and this contract will be null and void. Vengalicat Bengals reserve the right to change our mind regarding the sale of any of the kittens at any time and keep a kitten for our own breeding program that has a deposit and down payment on it. In these circumstances you can either wait for another kitten or have your down payment refunded. If at any time during the purchase process we feel that circumstances have changed and the prospective buyer is not a fit for one of our kittens, we have the option of cancelling the sale and returning any money paid including the deposit. Vengalicat Bengals are the sole property of Vengalicat until the cat is in the possession of the buyer. If the Breeder should go out of business or otherwise cease to breed Bengal cats, all guarantees in the contract shall become null and void. The remainder of the contract shall remain in force. There will be no cash refunds; all deposit and payment fees are non-refundable A refund will not be given due to either the Buyer and or any family members having a reaction to the cat. Such as but limited to allergic reactions, asthma, rashes, hives, or any other health, social, and communicational issues. (It is important to test yourself and or your family members before deciding to acquire The Breeder will not be responsible for how a pet quality cat develops. Should the buyer not be able to keep the cat/kitten at any point in time, the cat/kitten will have to be returned to Vengalicat Bengals cattery. The buyer does not have permission to sell or give the cat/kitten away before reaching out to Vengalicat for approval.
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