Our Bengal Cats Breeding Plans

We are Proud to Produce top Bengal Kittens with outstanding qualities because of our Studs and Queens. Our cats are always paired to produce the best looking Bengal Kittens. 
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Page updated 07/20/2021

Planned Breeding


unnamed (4).jpg

6G Jasper

Expected breeding August 2021 - Brown kittens expected, Spotted / Marble, Possible LH and C/cs carrier 


F1 Luna

6G Jasper

1 - 2G boy born 04/17/21 -  available

8G Jewel

8G Comapss

 4 male kittens Born - All Brown spotted, Possible A/a Carries

8G Love

6G Jasper

2 boys and 3 girls born - All brown spotted kittens, Possible D/d and Marble carriers

unnamed (4).jpg

9G Darley

6G Jasper

4 Brown Kittens born 04/29/2021 - Possible LH carriers and Marble


9G Nala


9G Zorro

1 boy ans 2 girls born - All Silver Spotted, Possible A/a carriers