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· Name: Teddy

· Sex : Female

· Color : Brown Spotted

· Date of birth : 06/27/2021

· Parents : Guru Love x Jewelspride Jasper

· Eyes color : Green

· Date that the kitten will be ready :  Now

· Diet : Raw food diet

· Litter trained : Yes

· Neutered/Spayed : Yes

· Other : Vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped

· Personality: Teddy is 2 years old.  He is beautiful cat with stunning coat and rosettes. He was neutered 11/13, He was a breeding male with mild spraying. He will need a house with a separate room where he can recover and bond with humans, as well as for his hormones levels to go down. Teddy is slightly shy, but he can open with proper time and approach. He got more distant since he started breeding and his focus was manly on females rather than humans. He is a playful cat. He will be great for adults. He will be ok to be female cats only, no males due to him being territorial.

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