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2G Pink Girl

Available for Breeding only

· Name: 2G Pink Girl

· Sex : Female

· Color : Brown Spotted

· Date of birth : 02/17/2024

· Parents : F1 Cypress x Compass

· Date that the kitten will be ready : Now

· Diet : Raw food diet

· Litter trained : Yes

· Neutered/Spayed : No

· Other : Vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped. Up to date.

· Personality:  This 2G girl is very rare and one of a kind. She has been raised by our domesticated Queen Nala, she has an amazing personality and is developing amazingly. Pink girl is available for breeding only. Her mother is F1 Cypress, she had father and grandfather on both sides, an asian leopard cat. She has white belly and an amazing wild patter. Great Facial structure, nice nose leather with wild eyes. Social and playful. She will be perfect for a small breeding that would like to improve the breed. Comes from some great genetic lines. She is an A/apb carrier. Both Parents HCM Negative and Pra-B and Pk Def - Negative.

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