Kitten Contracts

All of our cats/kittens will come with a Contract, Health Record, and TICA registration papers.

Contract and Deposit is required to reserve a kitten.
  • Deposits are non-refundable. Non-transferable, unless the agreed upon kitten becomes unfit for sale, then the deposit can be put towards another kitten of similar quality. This helps us limit our relationships to seriously interested buyers only. Please note that buyers with deposits submitted and added to the waiting list are not required to purchase a kitten from the next available litter - we are more than happy to wait for your kitten that best suits your preference, no matter how long that takes. Kittens are placed in the order by which the deposit was received to the waiting list.

  • First a non-refundable deposit saves your place on the waiting list and applies to the total cost of the kitten. The second installment payment is due when you choose and commit to your kitten at 6-8 weeks. At 10 weeks, the balance of what we have priced your kitten at is due. The balance of the purchase price of the kitten and shipping cost (if applicable) is due in full by the time the kitten is 10 weeks old, so that we can arrange travel if necessary. Or the final payment is due before your kitten leaves our Cattery ( 2 weeks before shipping if paying by check or the day you pick your kitten up, if paying cash). For International shipping Final payments is due by 3 months of age (12 weeks old ).

  • If kitten is picked up from our cattery the remaining balance will be due at the time of pick up with cash.

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